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April to November was founded with one central purpose- to utilize company profits to continually reinvest in growth towards the ultimate goal of becoming an employer so we can provide a workplace built on the foundation of integrity, dignity, respect, empathy and grace.

We believe in People Over Profits.

In the state of Idaho, there is no current state funding for Maternity or Paternity leave. It falls on a business to provide that benefit for their employees, and too many do not provide any financial support during that time. We will provide flexible support to my employees during a most precious time in a child's life.

Typically, employers provide just THREE days for bereavement when a loved one dies. From our experience, that is not nearly enough time. We will provide paid time off to give my to employees time to grieve, not just to attend a funeral.

We call it Life/Work balance 

Work from home flexibility and alternative scheduling have become increasingly necessary as the pandemic has shown us the importance of life/work balance. This kind of flexibility is at the core of how we choose to operate.

We have high hopes and big dreams and we are so grateful to all who support us from those that are in the trenches with us to our customers and our social media family. Everything we are is from your support, and we are honored to be partnering with you in our goal to put 

People Over Profits