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Nice to meet you

 My name is Ellen Williams and I am the founder of April to November.

I began designing jewelry when I was 15 years old, working for my mother and her small business. Twenty years, and a lot of life lessons later, I have returned to my roots. I am excited to be creating and curating beautiful timeless pieces for April to November.
I have a natural inclination towards design and order. Line and shape are the core influences of my aesthetic. I like to let the materials inspire my designs and scour wholesalers for the perfect complementary pieces to mix and match.
My goal is to grow April to November beyond myself and become an employer. I want to create a workplace that values the employee and focuses its profits on employee development, support and benefits. 
By partnering with you, my dreams of creating this workplace environment can be realized.  Know that each purchase you make will be reinvested towards that goal.
Thank you for shopping at April to November.